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Malaysian born Azrul Mohd Khalib writes frequently on issues affecting his native land. He is currently working in the issues relate on HIV/AIDS, switch on and human rights. He has written many clauses in one of the daily email news website c altogethered The Malaysian Insider. His articles have also appe ard in the Malaysiakini, the article Baby-Dumping violent death the mothers wont solve any problem, Ramadan a time to be considerate, Law still fuzzy on marital mar as well as non impossible for teens to be having enkindle and etc. He has currently runs and battling an addiction to the A Song of Ice and arouse book series.Azrul Mohd Khalib has written many articles in the Malaysiakini in its letters segmentation. The Malaysiakini is a political news website that has been widely considered to be one of the leading non- brass owned paid-news agencies in Malaysia. Its news coverage concentrates mainly on local events, with a strong emphasis on items related to Malaysian politi cs, and also publishes columns, readers opinions in its letters section which claims to practice an editorial policy that is consistently supportive of justice, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and good governance.And now the Malaysiakini is a voice of reasoned discussion on the letters section and not an exercising excessive editorial control on letters section. Summary The article emphasize the teenaged gestation period in Malaysia is continuously increasing from year to year and many teenage girls lost their lives because of resulting from maternalism and not provide them necessary support for those in need. Teenage gestation has no self-righteousness and despised by the citizenry and how they look at them to pretend them, neglect to provide help that actu all in ally they are the victims of the issues.The pen mentioned happens to teenage pregnancy in social environment and provides his personal opinions to solve the teenage pregnancy problems. According to the M inistry of Health (MOH) registers that many of the young people involved in the pregnancy. withal that, MOHs field show that some of the teenage pregnancy will carry her own burden and end up on the statistics of the MOH. MOHs radical also shows that some of the girls chose to commit suicide because of the cost of their lives. On the other hand, the author suggests providing the sexual reproductive health services for not just those who are married.Analysis of the presentation The author is referring to Ministry of Health (MOH) historys and attended his recent discussion which focuses on teenage pregnancy in Malaysia to present his allude of view. He was not agree to look for people to blame them and outraged when read the reports of babies found buried and will moan about lack of religious and moral fibre, from the plosive of view of this sentence, it is show that this happens cigaretnot be blame to those pregnancy of teenage and should find out the solutions to solve the p roblem.He support his point of view by self-aggrandising the evidence, These girls are victims of an environment created due to our continued neglect of issues relating to sexual health such as ensuring the availability of proper sexual reproductive health fosterage and services. The author state that the weaknesses of our social which aim to punish and harm but lack to provide necessary support for those in need. The authors point of view is that our social lack of providing the necessary support to the teenage pregnancy.The author support his point of view by giving several evidence, which is We allow people who call for hatred, discrimination and abuse on people who are gay or lesbian to give speeches to our students at schools but refuse entry to educators who twaddle about sex education and teaching things like how to use a condom. The author also giving the evidence that proved his point of view, which is The exploding numbers related to teenage pregnancy is a direct resu lt of our societys failure to acknowledge and address our blinkered views of sex. The author state the weaknesses of our social that no government healthcare facility offers abortion services for unwanted pregnancies or even condoms and sexual health information for singles and unmarried couples. From the point of view of this sentence, it is show that there is very few places turn to support and shelter those young women. The author state that reality of social culture in Malaysia has ready to judge for the teenage pregnancy mistake.The author support his point of view with several evidence, which there are more girls and teenagers living in fear as a result of an unwanted pregnancy. Most of them will increasingly resort to unsafe abortion and DIY attempts to force a miscarriage. The author suggested underage marriage in the misdirect and simplistic belief will solve the problem and this is better thing than being outside marriage. For the authors point of view, the underage marr ied quarter hide the problem.Also, the authors point of view, there is another method which is religious convictions to improve the case of teenager pregnant. From the authors point of view, sex education may confuse to the children with the complex messages. The author show several evidence to support his point of view, which is When I grew up, I didnt need all of this and I was still able to live, marry and have kids, a frequently comment from detractors of sex education. The author also suggested an powerful way to improve the problem by providing relevant sexual reproductive health services. The authors point of view, not just provide to those who are married but for all the young people. Authors tone is recounting and invoking because he proves a lot of evidence to show that he really knows about the teenage pregnancy and he provide the solutions for teenage pregnancy from this article. Thus, our country should take a step and refer the facts and ways from this article to sol ve the problems of teenage pregnancy in our country.Response The authors argument is practical and valid due to the authors argument is logical and well-reasoned. In the article, the author uses the information from MOH report and the recent discussion about the causes of teenage pregnancy in Malaysia can proved that the author knew the situation of teenage pregnancy and narrates the problems in this country. Thus, he supports it by referring to his research which he more works on sex and human rights issues. The authors argument is not objective enough to discuss the problem.He only narrates the role of teenage pregnancy happens in this country and not provide strong enough negative arguments to debate his own opinion. Besides that, the author wrote several causes in this article. He approached the causes happens and he described with the example of imagination. Apart from that, the author knew that the world is realistic to dealing with this issue of sex. He supports it by referr ing the MOH report and news from nowadays and the case happens to the young girls who went to commit suicide.Even though the article is not objective enough, however, the author provide the information is sufficient to entice the readers, education system, parents and government which not only belief in their own personal religious conviction, but government have to take an action to better the teenage pregnancy. The argument is credible because the author, Azrul Mohd Khalib,his essays have generally posted in the MalaysiaKini, The MalaysianInsider, and The New Strait Times. He had works for sex and human rights issues for many years. This article was released at Monday, 12 of Nov 2012 in the Malaysian Insider.Malaysian Insider is a website that covers the issues of the day, politics, business, lifestyle, sports and entertainment that showcasing issues and opinions of reports analyses view to us. Besides that, the author uses his works on sex issues in dour time research experien ces, Ministry of Health reports and recent discussion of this issue that prove the evidence in the article, which show that the authors argument is credible enough to the audience and has the experience of reporting the sex and human rights issues. Conclusion In conclusion, this article has been well written by the author and has high reliability.As a reader, I think that this article is very useful especially for the government, parents and education system to concern about the socials role in the teenage pregnancy problems happens in our surrounding. I would like to recommend this article to several intended audience like teachers and schools and government because they are the main person can solve those socials role in the teenage pregnancy problems in the future. After reading this article, government should be able to provide effective solutions and trying their best in several ways to help teenage pregnancy in social life problems.

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